Hi there 🙋🏻‍♀️

It's le-tchi-see-ah and I'm happy to see you here!


Not always a Designer.

My years studying Accounting and working as a Finance Analyst have instilled in me a drive towards effective solutions and a focus on KPIs when measuring results.

Seeing that the most impactful reports I presented were those that considered visual design and information architecture in an audience-focused way, I became passionate about creating impactful and functional designs. So, I asked myself:

"How might I combine my skills and passion into a career path in order to fulfill my purpose by creating solution-oriented experiences to other people?"

Becoming a UX Designer.

That's when I found UX Design, and I graduated from BrainStation Bootcamp. In an intensive program, I've learned not only about human-centred design but about myself when I realized that working on my craft makes the world stop around me.

I am always eager to learn something new (especially from talking to people). And by adopting a growth mindset, I enjoy reflecting on my experiences and how they can lead to success - both for myself and others. 

Outside my 9 to 5.

🪐  You can easily find me with the heads in the clouds (literally!). I love to read, talk and watch everything related to cosmology and astronomy. 

⛸️  I'm currently learning ice skating as a personal goal. It's been the best metaphorical lesson that you have to overcome your fears to accomplish great things.

🇧🇷  As a native Brazilian, I'm often baking pão de queijo and brigadeiro on weekends.


let's work together!

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