Hello 🙋🏻‍♀️

I'm Letícia, nice to e-meet you.


Not always a Designer.

Fortunately, I didn't come from a traditional creative background (yep, you read that right).

I started my career at a very young age in a "grayscale" environment of being a financial analyst and accounting grad. But, then, I started noticing what was "colourful" about my workdays:

  • Creating visual financial presentations was always my favourite part of the job.
  • Understanding my audience and how they needed information was crucial to delivering impactful work.
  • Curating insights and helping lead executives to problem-solve always made me proud and fulfilled.
  • Measuring profitable results taught me the power of data-backed decisions.

Becoming a Product Designer.

Looking back, it seems crystal clear a human-centred design career would fit me like a glove... Still, I hadn't heard of it until I made my big move from Brazil to Canada and I found out about something called User Experience Design Bootcamp - and my dear reader, the rest is history!

Being a Product Designer.

Currently solving big problems in an accounting tech startup, I advocate for research-backed design decisions. In just under a year, I got to work on multiple projects, transforming their UX maturity from 1 to 3 (according to the NN/g scale).

I find joy in working in an agile environment with high-performing teams - and making long-lasting connections. I'm also motivated by presenting my work and receiving good feedback in return.

I'm an unapologetic Figma enthusiast.

Some of my day-to-day skills include UX Strategy, Design Thinking, User Research, Usability Testing, Persona Development, User Stories, User Flows, Wireframes, Prototyping, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Design Systems, UX Documentation.

Outside my 9 to 5.

From exploring the great outdoors to spending quality time with family and friends.




let's work together!

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